Portable Football Goalpost


Sharing a field? Or do you need additional practice space? The Portable Football Goalpost features high school competition dimensions and can roll to any position needed on the field.

Product Description

Portable Football Goalpost

This Portable Football Goalpost is ideal for thousands of multi-purpose athletic fields worldwide. It features High School Football competition dimensions. When you share a field with other sports and teams, this football goal post is an effective way to keep games and practices competitive.

The Portable Football Goalpost from CanyonAvenueSports.com is built to stand the test of time. The heavy duty construction is comprised of 2″ outside diameter galvanized steel tubing. This durable framework easily assembles with industrial galvanized fittings. We take the term “portable” seriously and have ensured that the design of this Portable Football Goalpost is easy to maneuver and easy to assemble. Two over-sized transport wheels allow the the entire football goal post to be tilted and then rolled to the desired location.

Once the goalpost is standing up vertically in place, the transport wheels do not touch the ground. This roll-away design ensures that the Portable Football Goalpost stays stationary during practice and games. It also ensures that the unit will not tip over unexpectedly.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • High School Football Dimensions
  • Measures 23′ 4″W x 24’H x 8’D
  • Weighs 440 lbs.
  • Two over-sized transport wheels for portability
  • Durable construction that will not tip unexpectedly
  • Ideal for multi-sport fields