Multisport Manual Outdoor Scoreboard


Introducing the fully-customizeable Multisport Manual Outdoor Scoreboard. Large display with huge numbers and multiple installation options are available. Scores from 0 to 99. Use this outdoor scoreboard for almost any sport.

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Product Description

Multisport Manual Outdoor Scoreboard

Set up this versatile outdoor scoreboard and use it for almost any sport. Manual operation requires no electricity and is very easy to use. It scores up 99 per team and also counts periods, innings, quarters, etc.

Manual numbers are all 9″ tall and fluorescent yellow for ultra visibility. Viewing distance is 300+ ft. Each slides into and out of view with the aligned window feature.

Customize your Multisport Manual Outdoor Scoreboard with Sponsor Panel Lettering. Simply complete your order and then email or call us with what name(s) you want to showcase. Printing available in any single color of your choice.

Scoreboard has additional kits available depending on needed installation. Leg Assembly stands unit up off the ground for increased visibility and additional placement options on or around your field. Fence/Wall Mount hardware set to install scoreboard on any wall or fence.


  • 9″ Yellow fluorescent numbers (300′ viewing distance)
  • Scores to 99, Period / Inning to 9
  • “Moveable window” numbers slide in and out of view
  • Economical and easy to use, requires no electricity
  • Optional Leg Assembly, Fence/Wall Mount, and Sponsor panel lettering available
  • Weight: 20 lbs.

Additional Information

Sponsor Panel

Custom Lettering – Single Color, No Lettering

Installation Options

Leg Assembly, Fence/Wall Mount, None