Manual Flip Scoreboard with Adjustable Stand


The ultimate multi-sport Manual Flip Scoreboard features an adjustable stand. Counts to 99, has larger number display than many similar scoreboards, and even has customized dry erase boards.

Product Description

Manual Flip Scoreboard with Adjustable Stand is perfectly designed for as a great alternative to electronic scoreboards. Its very stable PVC stand extends up to 38″ tall and easily converts to a 12″ tall tabletop unit, making it extremely portable and versatile. Scores up to 99 points fore each team making it ideal for many different sports.

Additionally, the easy-to-read numbers are larger than other manual scoreboards at 7″ high. These digits are printed on color-contrasting vinyl for high visibility.

The Manual Flip Scoreboard with Adjustable Stand also comes fully equipped with two dry-erase panels for team names (dry-erase markers not included) or other necessary game information. The overall simplicity creates a manual flip scoreboard with uncompromising reliability – something coaches, teams, sponsors, and spectators will value and enjoy using.

Ideal for tournament play in a crowded gym or for use outdoors where visibility is needed.

  • Large 7″ numbers printed on high visibility vinyl
  • Scores up to 99 for each team
  • Two erasable team panels (can be used for other game info as well)
  • Stable PVC stand measures 38″H with a 15″ x 15″ base
  • Converts from floor model to 12″H table top unit
  • Totally Portable
  • Totally Reliable