MacGregor 4′ X 2′ Indoor Scoreboard


The MacGregor 4′ X 2′ Indoor Scoreboard is an excellent all-around multi-sport scoreboard for your gym. Features a bright display and a professional appearance (and sound) for basketball, volleyball, wrestling, and more.

Product Description

MacGregor 4′ X 2′ Indoor Scoreboard

Multi-sport Indoor Scoreboard

 This scoreboard brings added functionality, visibility, and atmosphere to your gym. The large display of the MacGregor 4′ X 2′ Indoor Scoreboard mounts on the wall and completes the competitive landscape that everyone wants to be a part of.

Display is made of 6″ LED numerals and counts scores up to 3 digits. A digital counter shows game periods/quarters and lights indicate possession and bonus (foul counts are kept on controller). As the game clock counts down to one minute remaining, the final minute counts down in one-tenth second increments (ie: 58.2 seconds). House it all in a durable cabinet frame with a professional plexiglass face.

The MacGregor 4′ X 2′ Indoor Scoreboard can be installed anywhere in the gym because a 100′ power supply cord is included as well as a rechargeable wireless remote control with a 300′ range. Not to mention, the 12 frequency settings allow a single controller to operate multiple scoreboards simultaneously from a single location. A fantastic feature in a multi-court or multi-game setting such as tournaments, scrimmages, or even practice drills.

Easily switches between sports and has ability to turn on and off via remote for a simple, clean, professional scoreboard and sporting experience. Make your gym memorable for the right reasons.

Overview of the MacGregor 4′ X 2′ Indoor Scoreboard:

  • 6″ LED numerals with 3 digit scoring, digital periods, bonus and possession indicators, (fouls can be kept on controller) last minute counts down in 1/10th seconds
  • Durable plastic cabinet with plexiglass face/cover
  • Designed for basketball, volleyball, wrestling and a variety of practice or tournament scenarios
  • Rechargeable wireless remote control has 300′ range and 12 frequency settings for operating multiple units independently in the same area
  • Built in wall mount slots or use with portable stand (sold separately)
  • Includes 100′ of power supply cord for scoreboard
  • Weight: 24 lbs.