Jugs Football Throwing Machine


This Jugs Football Throwing Machine will revolutionize your practices. Train receivers, punt returners, and kickoff returners all with this versatile passing machine.

Product Description

Jugs Football Throwing Machine

Football practice will never be the same. The Football Throwing Machine by Jugs is perfectly designed to train receivers and special teams returners. Saves time, increases efficiency. Makes your team better.

Simply hook up an extension cord and start throwing for wide receiver drills. Use the dial setting to adjust speed and distance from 5 yards to 85 yards. This Football Throwing Machine throws perfect spirals for passes or punts depending on the football drill at hand.

Also, train your kickoff returner because it can launch end-over-end kicks.

The solid steel and cast aluminum construction can swivel a full 360 degrees and also includes a transport wheel to easily move around the field.

  • Powered by 110 Volt AC or 1000-watt generator
  • Throws footballs 5 – 85 yards and up to 7.5 sec. hang time
  • Throws perfect spiral passes or punts and end-over-end kicks
  • Dial setting speed adjustment
  • Unit swivels 360 degrees and includes transport wheel