Indoor Tabletop Portable Scoreboard


This Indoor Tabletop Portable Scoreboard is very popular due to its multi-sport LED interface, wireless remote, and rechargeable battery. For use of many indoor sports such as basketball, volleyball, wrestling, and more.

Product Description

Indoor Tabletop Portable Scoreboard

This multi-sport indoor tabletop portable scoreboard is designed for wireless control via a remote. Its versatile interface can be used for many sports including basketball, volleyball, and wrestling. This allows you to get a ton of use out of a single scoreboard because it scores multiple sports. It also works exceptionally well for use during practices. Finally, a scoreboard with enough functionality to be used very often in a variety of settings, not just games.

While in use for practices, this portable scoreboard can be used as a stopwatch for drills, a metronome, a program timer, or even a countdown clock with a buzzer. 

LED clock digits are 4.75″ tall and the LED score digits are 4.25″ tall.

Wirelessly and effortlessly control the 24 inches wide by 16 inches high display. This gives a lot of visibility to players and spectators alike. The Indoor Tabletop Portable Scoreboard can be powered in two ways. First, by plugging into a wall or extension cord, second it can also run on its internal rechargeable battery for up to 6 hours. Simply plug in to charge the battery.

Details and Features:

    • Dimensions: 16″H x 24″W x 10″D – 13 lbs.
    • LED clock digits: 4.75″ , LED score digits: 4.25″
    • Scores basketball, volleyball and wrestling and can function as a metronome, stopwatch, clock with alarm and program timer
    • Included wireless remote (100′ range) allows operator to change score and start/stop the clock
    • 4 user-programmable frequency settings for operating multiple units independently in the same area
    • Includes digital periods, bonus, team fouls and possession indicators
    • Indoor use only
    • Optional assembled stand measures 43″H x 28″W x 28″D

This scoreboard is extremely capable and versatile. Below are some additional options and attachments that may further enhance your particular sporting experience needs.