High Score Flip Scoreboard


This popular High Score Flip Scoreboard features a large display, simple operation, zero assembly, and excellent visibility for players and spectators. It’s an ideal multi-sport tabletop scoreboard for basketball, hockey, football, and many other sports because it can score keep up to 99 points per opponent.

Product Description

High Score Flip Scoreboard

This extremely popular High Score Flip Scoreboard is simple to operate, requires no electricity or batteries, and is totally portable. Designed for excellent visibility at a distance because of its large 11″H x 23″L display dimensions, the High Score Flip Scoreboard doesn’t even require any assembly. It also lays flat for easy storage.

Scores up to 99 for each opponent with oversized 6″ digits. Also keeps track of quarters, periods, or games with 2½” numerals up to a count of 5.  This layout makes the High Score Flip Scoreboard ideal for basketball, hockey, football, and many additional sports.

    • Highly Visible 6″ numbers for scoring (home and away scores show in different colors)
    • 2.5″ numbers to display periods, quarters, or games, up to 5
    • Scores up to 99 for Home and Away opponents
    • Perfect for basketball, hockey, football, and many other sports or table tennis ping pong
    • Folds and lays flat for protected transport and storage
    • Large Display Size: 11″H x 23″W