Hawkeye Endzone Camera System


Investing in the Hawkeye Endzone Camera System will change your team and coaching. Get video for practice and game review. This system is heavy duty and easy to use and transport. You won’t find a more important piece of filming equipment for your team.

Product Description

Hawkeye Endzone Camera System

Analyze and evaluate practices like never before. This endzone camera is excellent for being able to review your plays and help team performance. The Hawkeye Endzone Camera is one of the easiest endzone cameras on the market to operate.

  • Ground Operated
  • Electric Pan/Tilt Motor Control – Variable Speed
  • Heavy-duty free standing tower assembly with exclusive aluminum channel legs with over 9′ Spread
  • Free standing wind loaded at over 60 MPH
  • Telescoping tower mast with safety locking pins
  • No knobs, cranks, or levers to operate
  • Color LCD action monitor, Pan-tilt controller with speed control and custom camera remote controller
  • Digital HD Camera Included – HD/SD – Hard Drive – SD/USB Port
  • Custom component carry case including rain protection gear
  • 23+ year evolution tower integrity
  • Operable in the seated or standing position
  • Optical enhanced custom glare shield
  • 8 hour built-in battery power operation
  • Portable