Hanging Numbers Set – Baseball Scoreboard


Create the look and feel of a professional baseball scoreboard with this full set of  9″ heavy duty plastic hanging numbers. Scores up to 9 runs per inning per team and up to 99 runs for the game total.

Product Description

Hanging Numbers Set – Baseball Scoreboard

Set includes number cards made of durable plastic that hang from hooks or pegs on any manual baseball scoreboard. Numbers measure 9″ tall for excellent visibility at a distance for spectators and players alike. They are extremely durable. Allows for scoring up to 9 runs per team per inning and up to 99 on the final score.

  • Full replacement hanging numbers set for Manual Baseball Scoreboard – Hanging Numbers
  • Can be used on similar manual baseball scoreboards with ease
  • 9″ plastic number cards with a 300′ viewing distance
  • Scores to 9 for each inning, 99 for total

Additional Information

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