Graco FieldLazer Field Striper


Graco FieldLazer makes an impressive Field Marking Machine. 900 psi, Honda 35cc engine, fully adjustable line width, and filtration to avoid tip clogging. This thing will get the job done right, and fast.

Product Description

Graco FieldLazer Field Striper

This Graco FieldLazer Field Striper is the ultimate in design, speed, and reliability. This 900 psi field marking machine is powered by a 35cc Honda 4 stroke engine and rolls on tall wheels smoothly pass over bumps from typical field traffic.

The Easy Out filter prevents clogs at the tip of the sprayer and dramatically decreases the amount of time spent striping the field. Tank holds .65 gallons which is the equivalent of about 45 minutes of pure field striping.

Line width can be adjusted from 4″ to 8″ very easily by hand. Get the job done right and get the job done fast with this FieldLazer Field Marking Machine.

  • Exclusive tall-wheel cart rolls easily over ruts and cleat marks
  • Easy out filter makes tip clogs a thing of the past
  • 35cc Honda 4 stroke engine
  • Three semi pneumatic 14″ tires
  • 900 psi
  • Gas tank holds .65 gallons and should be good for 45 minutes
  • Adjustable spray shields make line width changes from 4″-8″ fast and easy with no tools
  • Siphons from the original 5 gallon paint container to eliminate tank and pot cleaning hassles
  • Fold-down handle makes transportation easy; Weight: 80 lbs.