Goal Line Football Field Stencil-Polytough™


Introducing the ultimate Football Field Stencil. Industrial grade so you get use out of this set for years to come.

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Product Description

Goal Line Football Field Stencil Polytough™

“G” for use at the Goal Line. This Football Field Stencil can stand alone or be added to our other sets.

Our Football Field stencils are designed to get a precision look for your field’s yard line markers. Each stencil is made of 1/8″ thick high-grade polyethylene. These industrial grade stencils are designed for extremely heavy use. No breaking, warping, bending or creasing.

Don’t settle for anything less than precise, durable, easy-to-use Football Field Stencils. Be proud of your work.

  • Letter “G” for use at Goal Line
  • Cut from 1/8″ thick high-grade polyethylene, each stencil is 6’H x 3’W
  • Designed for the heaviest use; will not break, warp, bend or crease