Football Field Lining Set


The Football Field Lining Set has EVERYTHING needed to precisely and accurately mark off a football field. Includes sockets, string, line guides, and instructions.

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Product Description

Starting from scratch? The Football Field Lining Set has everything you need to set up marking lines on an entire football field. This football field lining kit includes 50 sockets with plugs and an Installation Accessory Kit (IAK).

Using this lining set will mark off a complete football field in 5-yard increments, including goal lines and hash marks. Coaches and facility managers who have used this Kit praise its usefulness and talk about what a time-saver it is when setting up for the season. Football can be a game of inches, and every field measurement must be exacting and meticulous. Get your entire field marked with our Football Field Lining Set.

To use, simply pick a corner starting point (goal line and sideline intersection) and insert a universal ground socket and socket-setter. Measure the remaining corners and yard lines from that point and insert ground sockets into those points. The included lining string is then used to connect sideline and horizontal yard lines. With string in place, paint lines. You will always be on center.

  • Set includes 50 sockets with plugs, string, line guides, and other accessories
  • Makes complete Football Field – 5 yard increments, goal lines, and hash marks.
  • Full instructions are included.