Football Field Hash Mark Stencil


The Football Field Hash Mark Stencil has several design features that make it faster to use, more precise, and more accurate to paint hash marks on a football field. Heavy duty and reusable many times over.

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Product Description

Football Field Hash Mark Stencil

So it’s time to (re)paint the football field. Make the job faster, cleaner, and more accurate with our reusable Football Field Hash Mark Stencil. This heavy duty hash mark stencil is made from Coroplast, a durable corrugated plastic sheet designed for high-use situations just like this. When we say “reusable,” we mean it.

Our reusable Football Field Hash Mark Stencil is particularly easy-to-use because it fits BETWEEN yard lines and has notches to incorporate with string alignment if needed.

Once the job is finished (and it won’t take long with a deluxe hash mark stencil like this) simply dry, and roll up for storage. The storage tube container is included.

  • Made from tough Coroplast material
  • Easy to use – will fit between yard lines
  • Paint through template
  • V notches for string alignment
  • Includes storage tube