Flip Scoreboard


Our Flip Scoreboard is perfectly designed for easy operation and excellent visibility for players and spectators. It’s an ideal tabletop scoreboard for volleyball, badminton, table tennis/ping pong.

Product Description

Flip Scoreboard

Simplify scorekeeping with our durable, easy-to-use Flip Scoreboard. This Tabletop Double-Sided Flip Scoreboard is ideal for club/league volleyball, badminton, and table tennis/ping pong for at least four reasons.

First, the score is visible from front and back. Second, this flip scoreboard scores from 0 up to 30 for each opponent with highly-visible 6″ numerals as well as smaller 2½” numerals that tally matches/games won (0-5 for each side). Third, the convenient Flip Scoreboard is entirely portable because it folds up for easy storage and transport requires no batteries. Fourth, our Flip Scoreboard display measures 7″Hx15″W for easy viewing from a distance.

    • Highly Visible 6″ numbers for scoring (each opponent’s score shows in different color)
    • Double-sided, easily view score from front and back
    • 2.5″ numbers to score games, matches, or timeouts remaining (0-5 for each side)
    • Scores up to 30 for each opponent
    • Perfect for volleyball, badminton, or table tennis ping pong
    • Folds into compact and protected form for easy transport and storage
    • Display Size: 7″H x 15″W