Classic H Pattern Football Goalpost


Upgrade your field with this Classic H Pattern Football Goalpost. Durable galvanized steel construction. Meets high school official measurements. Buy a set of 2 and save.

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Product Description

Classic H Pattern Football Goalpost

These classic “H” goal posts are sure to upgrade your field. Particularly when your program needs to stay on budget, this timeless goal post construction is a go-to for thousands of fields.

The Classic H Pattern Football Goalpost is manufactured with 3.5″ heavy-wall, flo-coated, galvanized steel that is sure to withstand anything thrown (or kicked) at it. But don’t be fooled, even with the heavy duty construction, the Classic H-Pattern Football Goalpost is designed for easy, permanent installation.

The Classic H Pattern Football Goalpost meets the official high school measurements of 23’ 4″W with a crossbar at 10’. The uprights themselves extend 10 ft higher than the already 10 ft high crossbar. This makes the total height of the Classic H Pattern Football Goalpost 20 ft. An impressive dimension for a smaller budget football goal post.

A quick note about field goal dimensions: This measurement varies by level of play. Goal post measurements for high school are 10 feet high and 23 feet 4 inches wide. Goal posts are also wider for high school athletics than college and the NFL (both are 18′ 6″). Again, the Classic H Pattern Football Goalpost meets official high school measurements.

Wind direction flags and post caps are included. The caps ensure to keep the rain out of the uprights and help prevent rust and deterioration.

Optional ground sleeves are not required for installation, but are fairly popular. Click here for more info and to purchase.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Constructed with 3.5″ heavy-wall, flo-coated, galvanized steel and redesigned for easy permanent installation
  • Official high school dimensions: 23’ 4″W x 10’H crossbar with 20’ uprights
  • Wind direction flags (not shown in picture)
  • Post caps to keep rain out of uprights
  • Easy permanent installation
  • Optional ground sleeves not required for installation
  • Ideal field goal post for budget-conscious programs

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